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Custom Jewelry Is Our Specialty at Ryan Jewelers

Don’t be surprised when you don’t find the pieces you’ve seen in catalogs or in other jewelry stores when you visit Ryan Jewelers. With the exception of some standard items, such as chains, all of our engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, charms, pendants, watches, earrings, and gemstone settings are one-of-a-kind originals, crafted by our master jeweler in Connecticut.

Why choose Ryan Jewelers? For a unique piece that is “you”—perhaps even one of your own design. Custom jewelry is our specialty, and we’ll work carefully with you to design and bring to life a personalized piece you’ll treasure. If it’s made of fine metal—gold, sterling silver, or platinum—we can make it. In addition to designing jewelry for individuals, we have also worked with corporations, schools, fraternities and sororities, and religious and other organizations to design pieces featuring emblems, logos and symbols.

When a senior pastor was promoted to bishop, Ryan Jewelers handcrafted his bishop ring, seal ring and a cross for use in religious services—all designed to meet his requirements and feature his unique symbolism.

When a customer brought in a large, bulky ring with multiple diamonds, we transformed one undesirable piece into two stunning rings—a diamond eternity band and a second, smaller diamond ring that better suited her tastes.

Call us today for an appointment to discuss the jewelry item you desire or require. There’s no obligation when you meet with us, and we’ll be happy to advise you about jewelry conversions or designing and manufacturing a brand new piece. Stop in at any time to browse the inventory of original creations in our showroom, too. You may just spot a sparkling work of art that suits your style.
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NEW at Ryan Jewelers:
Handmade Inspirations Bracelets at Ryan Jewelers in Southington, CT
Customized handmade bracelets with one or more charms of your choice. A great gift for you or someone else.

Please place Christmas, Valentine's Day and other holiday orders well in advance.

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Inspirations Bracelets at Ryan Jewelers Southington CT
Inspirations Bracelets at Ryan Jewelers Southington CT
Inspirations Bracelets at Ryan Jewelers Southington CT
Inspirations Bracelets at Ryan Jewelers Southington CT