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Get the best diamonds and jewelry at Ryans Jewelers
Ryan Jewelers in Southington, CT
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Custom Designs, Diamond Setting & Special Orders, Repairs, Jewelry Manufacturer & Diamond Importer

Ryan Jewelers in Southington, Connecticut is a one-of-a-kind jewelry store that opened its doors in 2001. We are independently owned and operated by Ed Moustafa who has more than 25 years of experience in managing jewelry stores.

The displays inside Ryan Jewelers will make you feel like you've found a treasure chest. Everything  from rings to pendants are designed and made on premise.  Watches and other merchandise only make it into the store if they're leading brand names such as Citizen.

If you have the jewelry of your dreams inside your head or sketched on a pice of paper, you may speak to our master craftsman who can create it. We are experts at giving customers the handcrafted jewelry they want. We want to work with you, not out of a catalog.

Because Ryan Jewelers is a full service jewelry store, we are glad to help customers who need to have their jewelry appraised. We are also experts in repairing and resetting the beautiful jewelry that people own.
Jewelry from the heart, not out of a catalog, at Ryan Jewelers in Southington
When you're looking for something special in jewelry,
we won't hand you a catalog or sit you in front of a computer.
We'll actually suggest merchandise piece by piece.

You'll be so glad you came into Ryan Jewelers for your diamond, silver, gold, crystal, beads, watches and services.
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Hummel Figurines at Ryan Jewelers
Hummel Figurines
Stop in and ask us for more information and prices.
Own a piece of history
Get the best diamonds and jewelry at Ryans Jewelers

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